Thursday, March 7, 2013

Since you asked...

... I don't understand why people don't include a photo with their profile. It's dating. Like it or not, physical attraction counts for something. That doesn't make people shallow - it makes them human.

... Some people need to keep their photos offline (they're in law enforcement, a teacher, etc.). That's cool - but offer to share a photo as soon as you connect with someone. Don't expect someone to feel comfortable talking when you know more about her than she knows about you.

... It's 2013, age of the smartphone with front-facing cameras, timers, and stands. Can we please stop with the bathroom mirror selfies?

... Don't take a photo of you in your dingy, dark basement, or at night with no flash. Questionable backgrounds make you look like a serial killer.

... Don't suggest we meet for the first time at your home, or in some dive bar, or that I pick you up and drive you anywhere. I'm not auditioning for my own episode of the First 48.

... Newly single, full-time dads with three kids under the age of 10 who are separated but not yet divorced have no place saying "drama queens need not apply." Trust me, you bring more drama to the relationship than I could ever hope to stir up on my own.

... If you're going to list your body-type as "athletic" and then show a full-body shot- especially one showing off the abs - you really should have an athletic build.

... While everyone is entitled to his or her own preferences when it comes to physical attraction - no one is entitled to be nasty. Saying "skinny chicks need not apply" is as rude as "no fatties." It's enough to just not email us. In fact, we'd consider it a favor.

... When we've literally just met and I ask how you're doing, "I'd be better if you were next to me" is not an acceptable answer. It's an obvious line, and a bad one at that. I could be a psycho. Or a murderer. Or wear socks with sandals. You don't know if I'm pleasant to be around, so please don't pretend that you do.

... It really doesn't do any good to say in your profile you're looking for a "connection" and a "real relationship" and then make it clear in the first five minutes all you want is sex. Newsflash - we can tell the difference.

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