Friday, March 8, 2013

God's match for you

On Sunday I watched the first installment of The Bible on the History Channel. Meh. The show was OK - but it was one commercial that really caught my eye.

You can probably imagine that most of the advertising was geared towards Christians. Christian Mingle seemed to be a pretty big sponsor. I saw at least one, sometimes more, advertisements for the popular dating site during each commercial break.

Though I consider myself a Christian, I've never considered joining this particular site. Being Christian is a (relatively small, new) part of who I am; it doesn't define me. I get the impression that this site is geared towards people for whom Christian faith is very important, and a cornerstone of the relationship they want to find. I think I'd be out of my element.

I do think that dating takes a certain amount of faith and hope (and the occasional willingness to set aside trivial things like dignity and rational thought). Although I do sometimes push a dating agenda, I have said before, and firmly believe that God has a plan. No matter how much I push, the right relationship will happen in His time, not mine.

I believe Christians would feel the same. Putting your life in God's hands, trusting His plan, faith, etc. are things I learned in a Christian church.

Which was in line with the theme of most of Christian Mingle's message - join the site to find "God's match for you." The commercials showed a few happy couples, and quick interviews about how the site helped them find each other.

More than one happy couple said,
"I don't see how we would have met if it hadn't been for Christian Mingle."
Wait a minute....

You're saying that this person you met is "God's match." In other words, of all the people in all the world, this is the person God intended for you to meet. God - creator of all living creatures, the land, the sea, the sun, time - life itself. You're saying that He wouldn't have been able to figure out a way to get you and yours together if it hadn't been for a website?!

I agree God has a match for you; and I agree that you might need to help the meeting along a little, and online dating is one way.

But I think if God wanted me to meet someone, He doesn't need the internet's help to make it happen.


  1. Oh good, I'm not the only person who thinks that commercial line is a load of bunk.

  2. The commercial makes me laugh, not going to lie... but I think BakingSuit's description of the commercial as "a load of bunk" is pretty much perfect.