Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Time out

Did you ever date someone who was stubborn and opinionated and who wouldn't back down or admit he was wrong for anything - even if he was?

I have. I'm also quite sure that anyone who has ever dated me would say this sometimes describes me. While I'll admit to my share of stubborn moments, even I can't compete with this...

Found it here
Following a disagreement, a guy told his girlfriend that he would not be speaking to her over the weekend. He would not text or call her, and she should not reach out to him because he would not answer or return her phone calls or reply to her texts. They had no plans to see each other becasue theirs is a long-distance relationship, and travel was not in the cards that weekend.

I suspect he thought this would "put her in her place." I know he told her this was her "punishment." I imagine he envisioned her having a very lame weekend, waiting and hoping to hear from him, and was probably pretty proud of himself that he didn't reach out to her. He probably expected she would sit at home, maybe spend some time with family, at first stewing, then eventually coming to the conclusion that she was, naturally, wrong.

Basically, he put her in time out.

I wonder, though, how he'd feel if he knew that same woman spent her weekend talking with a new guy she met online. One who was successful and good-looking and fun. One who she spent all of Saturday night with and most of Sunday afternoon? One who took her to see one of her favorite bands, and spent the weekend just generally having fun and relaxing?

Time out indeed.

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